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Caddian gloves are gloves used during most of the CADDY Project Trials to issue Caddian gestures. These gloves emerged as a strategic addition to our project methodology, particularly after the inaugural year, to enhance gesture recognition by Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs).

At the heart of the Caddian Gloves is a thoughtful design process, evident in the images available for your exploration. Originating from commercial diving gloves, we have meticulously modified them by incorporating custom white shapes on both the front and back surfaces. Key design features include a distinctive white circle on the palm and a corresponding square on the back. Adding both functionality and a visual identity, colored thick lines adorn each finger. This deliberate choice of color serves a dual purpose, combining aesthetics with practicality:

Thumb: Yellow (RGB: 245,245,100) Index: Green (RGB: 0,166,81) Middle: White (RGB: 255,255,255) Ring: Light Blue (RGB: 0,114,188) Pinky: Red (RGB: 190,4,8)
External square: 6cm x 6cm Internal square: 4cm x 4cm
External circle diameter: 5.5cm Internal circle diameter: 3.5cm

In the table below, , you can find the texture file for these gloves. It can be seamlessly integrated with Libhand ( to create a dynamic gesture viewer, as exemplified in the images on this page and showed in 1.


ALT-TEXT-2_gesture.png ALT-TEXT-5_gesture.png ALT-TEXT-boat_gesture.png ALT-TEXT-carry_gesture.png
ALT-TEXT-control_center_console.png ALT-TEXT-start_gesture.png ALT-TEXT-ok_gesture.png ALT-TEXT-caddian_boat.jpg


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Please cite the papers above if you make use of the texture or Caddian language and dataset in your research.

Glove texture – 16MB


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